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Click on the links below for warranty information forms.

Most all compressors come with a Two year warranty

Our re-manufactured compressors are guaranteed for a period of One or Two years depending on the compressor type from the date of  invoice . We warranty the compressors to operate under normal load, usage, electric supply and competent installation and maintenance. Installation must be completed under rigid standards of purging the system of all acids, impurities and foreign matter that is acceptable to manufacturers standards and procedures. All start-up sheets and information should be faxed or emailed to American Compressor to validate warranty. The start-up sheets must be returned with in 30 days of invoice date. We are not responsible for consequential losses or damages outside or inside the equipment, nor for repairs or replacement made by others without our written permission or authorization. Correction of defects by repairing or replacement shall constitute fulfillment of our obligations to the customer.


Extended warranty coverage is available on most compressors at 1/2 the cost of the compressor. If available would give you a extra three year's.

Below is an example of the packet that is shipped with all compressors.

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