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Here at American Compressor Engineering we pride ourselves on providing outstanding Customer Service and Product Quality. Just to prove to you that the quality of our products are extremely important to us we have broken down the steps that are followed during the production stages of every compressor.

Tear Down

A compressor goes into our tear down department and all external and internal parts are removed from of the compressor. The only items reused are the casting, the crankshaft (if it meets OEM specs), the motor (if it meets motor manufacturers specs), the valve plates (only if they can be resurfaced to proper tolerances) and any and all casting parts such as heads, end bell and etc.

Cleaning Process

All castings and parts go into a 160 degree caustic soda dip for twenty four hours. It is then removed, pressure washed and dipped into a phosphoric acid tank for thirty minutes. This is repeated two more time to ensure that castings are completely cleaned.

All castings and parts are then high pressure air dried to prevent flash rusting.

Tolerances and Spec Staging

All bolts, castings, crankshafts and parts are then moved into a staging area for micrometer testing and spec testing to meet all tolerances.

First Step Assembly

Staged products that have met all specs and tolerances are now placed with an individual builder to add all the necessary new parts to the machine. At this point a compressor assembly sheet is produced for the builder to fill out.

Parts that are thoroughly gone through 

Relief Valve (oil and pressure)


Piston Rings




Suction Valves

Discharge Valves

Suction & Discharge Valve Springs

Oil Pump (internals)

Bearings (Teflon coated)

Thrust Washers


Compressors are assembled new and remanufactured parts and the crankshaft must again pass OEM specs.

All compressor bolts are torqued.


All motors are pre-checked with a Meg Ohmmeter before going into a wash cycle to ensure cleanliness. Any motors not measuring properly prior to cleaning are set aside for rewinding. Motors are washed and baked at 250 degrees for approximately one hour to ensure drying of the winding's. 

Now every motor is moved on to the motor test station where they under go an insulation test, meg ohm test, ohm test, hipot test, visual test and a baker oscilloscope test. After all tests are completed, they are recorded on the data sheet and sent to the builder along with the motor for installation. 

Final Assembly

After motors are placed into marriage with the compressor

and all assembly sheets and motor sheets are completed, mineral oil is inserted into the compressor and the compressor moves on to the test chiller for quality tests.

Product Testing

Please refer to the Product Testing section.

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