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American Compressor Engineering is a complete compressor

re-manufacturing company established in 1992 with the belief that you can re-manufacture a compressor of extreme quality by adding all new parts required to the machine. (refer to Product Quality)

Customer service and client relationships are just as important as product quality. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you with the best service in the industry.

When you order a compressor, during the sale, and even after the sale there is an extra mile that is taken. Most local wholesaler's know very little about the working's of the compressor. They just furnish you with a part number and that is it. You can call us and we will dedicate our time to you for information on the "How's and Why's" your unit is doing what it is doing. We will even send you a technical booklet with technical support by just filling out the Contact Form. Please make sure to put what you need in the comments field. Technicians are available for technical support over the phone as well.

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