American Compressor Engineering - Chicago IL         Knoxville TN         1-800-542-8879
A complete re manufacturing
facility for semi hermetic compressors

We re manufacture all sizes of compressors starting at 5 ton to 125 ton machines

Everything from air conditioning to 
process cooling to refrigeration

 Each and every compressor is tested 
through our innovative test chiller

and each and every compressor is

tested for a period of no less

than thirty minutes start to finish.

Now Stocking 
Copeland-Carrier-Trane-York and Bitzer Parts
Check out our parts sections or call us for prices.

With volumes of technical data and years of technical experience we can and will help you from start to finish with your startup and maintenance/performance of your compressors.  We will even help you with any other compressor you may purchase from another compressor company---At no charge to you or your customer.  We are here to help you solve your compressor problems and to help you give long life to your compressor installations thus wise building a lasting relationship with us and with your customers.

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