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O6 CC valve plates available                                           
06 cc valve plate for semi hermetic compressor
O6D Valve plates Low, med., and high, temp 
06d valve plate

O6D unloader head assembly
06D unloader head assembly

O6E unloader assembly
06E unloader head assembly
O6D and O6E piston and rods
06d and 06d piston and rodsO6E low temp piston

06E low temp piston

Carrier Interstage pipe
carrier interstate pipe

Terminal plate  O6E dual voltage 
O6E terminal plate straight voltage
06E terminal plate straight voltageO6D terminal plate straight voltage
06D terminal plate straight voltage

Temperature sensor
carrier temperature sensor
O6 D Piston
06 D piston Carrier

Pressure relief valve

Carrier Oil pump
Carrier oil pump

Carrier low temp gaskets O6D
Carrier low temp gaskets 06D

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