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Semi Hermetic Compressors for Copeland-Carrier-Trane-York-Bitzer-ThermoKing Brands.  Carrier/Carlyle reciprocating compressor including open drive and fully closed compressors.  Copeland Discus compressors models 2D series, 3D series, 4D series, 6D series and 8D series.  In the copeland compressor line the older series of reed valve compressors are also stocked such as 6R, 4R and 9R  series semi-hermetic compressors.  Trane series semi hermetic compressors such as CRHR, 2E series along with 2F series are completely maintained in stock.  York semi-hermetic compressors are manufactured utilizing the customers cores.  Usual turnaround times are 10 working days.  Bitzer semi hermetic compressors are manufactured utilizing the same procedures.  Trane open drive compressors can be manufactured from our extensive inventory of cores in stock.

All reciprocating compressors contain a one year warranty.  Five year warranties may be purchased upon request.  All semi-hermetic compressors are remanufactured and not rebuilt.  See our side bar to define the difference in the two types of compressors.

American Compressor manufactures semi hermetic compressors for the following types of applications.  Air Conditioning  5 to 125 tons,  Refrigeration 5 to 40  ton,  Process Cooling 20 to 125 tons.

The industries served in this are of manufacture ar Hospitals, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Ice Rinks, Ice Manufacturing plants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Chemical Plants, Meat Packing Plants, and Process Cooling type facilities.

Copeland 6DH-1-3500-FSD 460 volt 3 ph Semi Hermetic CompressorCopeland Semi- Hermetic Compressors

Carrier Semi-Hermetic Compressors
Carlyle Semi- Hermetic Compressors

Trane Semi- Hermetic Compressors
York Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Carrier Open Drive Compressors

Carrier/Carlyle Compound Cooling Compressors  

Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressors 



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Provide customer technical support during the sale and after the sale so as to ensure product longevity and durability.  To always ensure that the customers are satisfied and content with product quality and to ensure that personal service is always number one.
Dedication to product quality and product quality testing to ensure that the customer always receives the highest standards to todays specifications of compressor remanufacturing.
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